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Anastasiou and Atromitos reached the UEFA Europa League third qualifying round

Atromitos doubled their wins against Donnaiska Streda and qualified for the 3rd round of the Europa League. “The most important thing is that we managed to win. However, there were definitely aspects of the game which require improvement, and we’re still in the process of creating a good team. Instead of the score becoming 2:2, we had the chance to make it 3:0. It was a thrilling match for the fans, the score could have ended up at 4:2 or 3:3. Legia Warsaw? Yes, they have great history and tradition in Europe, but we have hope. Today, we were given a lesson in concentration.” stated Yannis Anastasiou after the match.

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Emmett T
Emmett T
Jun 19, 2022

Hi thanks ffor posting this

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