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Lazaros Lamprou joins Prosport!

We are in the pleasant position to announce our collaboration with the international attacking midfielder and one of Greece’s top football talents, Lazaros Lamprou.

Lazaros is currently playing for Excelsior in the Netherlands, a team that has emerged as one of the pleasant surprises of the Dutch league this season.

In his tenure in Eredivisie, he has put on some spectacular performances, participating in totally 66 matches with 11 goals and 14 assists to his name.

Beyond his undeniable talent, what truly captivated us was his profound understanding of the game, his utmost professionalism, and his relentless passion and determination to work hard and achieve his goals. All of us at Prosport are committed to fully supporting him at every step of his journey, leveraging our experience and expertise to help him reach his full potential and rise to the very top!


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